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Kotyark Industries Limited Team

About Us

Kotyark Industries Limited (formerly known as Kotyark Industries Private Limited) is serving towards renewable green energy and sustainable development of renewable natural resources (BioFuels) and through the adoption of environment friendly technology that favours the net reduction of greenhouse gas emissions for us in a vehicle for public and private transport as well as various equipments and Gen Sets.

Mr. Gaurang Shah

Chairman and Managing Director

Mr. Gaurang Shah holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda. With over 24 years of experience in vegetable-oil trading and biofuels industry, he has been instrumental to the Company’s journey in the last five years. He is responsible for the operations of the company and has made notable contributions to it. His expertise lies in absorbing new concepts and implementing them in the running of the company. Mr. Shah's dynamism and zeal for innovation is a driving force for the company.

Our Vision

Looking ahead and planning ahead is our company Focus, we are examining plans to create large capacities by setting up similar plants being ventures globally either on a standalone basis or as Joint Ventures as required. KIL looks to the future in being a responsible and meaningful force in the field of BIOFUELS.

Who We Are?

At KIL we have created facilities of manufacturing Bio-Diesel with an annual manufacturing capacity of 1,82,500 KL Bio diesel from Multi Feedstock at the Swaroopganj, RICCO, Rajasthan in North India. KIL is positioned as a socially responsible entity in that it has a Zero Discharge in terms of Effluents.

Mrs. Dhruti Shah is a recipient of a Masters’ Degree in Commerce from Maharaja Sayajirao University as well as an MBA from Indira Gandhi National Open University. With over 8 years of experience, she has been a part of the Company’s journey since its inception, having played a significant role even at the stage of conceptualization and planning. Her experience and expertise lies not only in her deep understanding of the operations of the Company but also in the biofuels industry and ecosystem as a whole. Her competence with respect to these technical aspects is magnified manifold by her acuity in business, which makes her invaluable to the Company.

Mrs. Dhruti Shah

Whole Time Director

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